Fashion, lifestyle, media world – Japan is ahead of time. Whatever is going to develop, Tokyo already has it. Japanese products are also in great demand around the world. The Far Eastern blend of harmony, minimalism and function combined with convincing quality leads to a magic formula of a great number of popular lifestyle products. kai products have long had cult status in Japan with an unmistakable degree of recognition. Founded in Seki in 1908, the company has for 100 years developed and sold cutlery and related products of excellent sharpness and function.

Material references

Damascus steel 

In its modern form, Damascus steel is an alloy consisting of multiple visible 
layers produced in combination with a core steel. The base material used for the production 
of modern Damascus steel derives from steels with various contents of accompanying 
elements. The combination of steel grades with contrasting properties allows 
the production of particularly hard and at the same time flexible steels.
VG 2 steel

(57-58 ±1 HRC) is a Japanese steel distinguished by its high flexibility and resilience. Thanks to its high chromium content, this blade steel is particularly resistant to both wear and corrosion. 

          VG 10 steel  

(61 ±1 HRC) is a classic Japanese high performance steel with excellent properties that have awarded it the moniker "gold steel". It is a stainless blade steel of the highest quality with a high carbon content. This allows it to be tempered particularly well in contrast to other stainless steels. Moreover, VG-10 boasts a particularly good edge retention. 
VG MAX steel

(61 ± 1HRC) is based on VG-10 steel with further optimisations to its properties. Enriched 
with a higher chromium and vanadium content than VG-10, it demonstrates improved 
edge retention and resistance to corrosion. A higher carbon content also makes 
it harder than other steel grades.

6A/1K6 steel

is a newly developed steel (56 ±1 HRC). Blades fashioned from this material are especially resistant to corrosion due to their high chromium content. This is a very pure type of stainless steel. Its greater carbon content ensures a better edge holding ability.

SUS420J2 steel

(56 ±1 HRC) is a corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a high chromium content (14%) and an average carbon content (0.3%).


refers to hardness tests according to Rockwell's C scale, employed for particularly hard materials. The Rockwell hardness value arises from the depth a testing object reaches whilst penetrating the test material (diamond, as the hardest material, serves as the value of reference with 100 HRC). 

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KAI WASABI BLACK COOK'S BAG Knife holder, full

KAI WASABI BLACK COOK'S BAG Knife holder, full

 Contents: 6710P universal knife + 6715U universal knife, 6716S Santoku, 6720C kitchen knife &..

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