The  lightest hair dryer in the world
Ultra-light, compact, minimalist, technological and revolutionary.
iQ perfect the smartest, lightest and most powerful hairdryer in the world. 294 grams of technology, an indispensable work tool, generator of beauty and well-being on the hair thanks to ozone, designed to not tire the professional's skeletal muscle system. A cult object that every hair stylist will no longer be able to do without.
It weighs only 294 g: it is the lightest hairdryer in the world
Intelligent brushless motor - Motor speed 110,000 rpm
Interface with Oxy active digital control technology, acts as a powerful antibacterial: Thanks to the Venturi effect, it multiplies the flow of air supplied without using extra power.
3 speeds, cold air jet, 4 different temperatures, removable filter.
Equipped with: 3 m cable. 2 vents + diffuser
Only 78 db of noise
Power 2000 Watt V 220-240
Mod. PH 606


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