The precision head, covered with carbon fiber and titanium, has a minimum cutting length of only 0.3mm. The fine dentition allows you to do precision work such as Fade Cuts and contours.
The rotation of the knob allows, with one hand, to adjust the length of the 0.3mm to 1.5mm cut. The shell ties is supplied with 4 comb: the smaller comb allows you to cut 5 different lengths (from 1.5mm to 2.7mm) and the three large combs allow you to cut 6 lengths (from 3mm to 15mm).
The linear engine, very effective, guarantees a uniform and constant cutting regardless of the battery charging status. Thanks to the constant integrated control, the power and the movement of the blades are maintained at the same level to ensure excellent performance also on thick hair.
The ER-DGP86 Clipper guarantees high cutting performance on any type of hair.
Fading Blade: head covered in carbon fiber and titanium for prolonged fury
Ultra quick linear engine with constant control of cutting performance
Lithium ion battery
Ergonomic design
Use with or without wire
3 combs for 6 cutting lengths (3-4 mm, 6-9 mm, 12-15 mm)

Mod: ER DGP86

PANASONIC Professional Clipper Fading Er-DGP86

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