Babyliss Pro 4 Artist Trimmer Snapfx
SNAPFX: The revolutionary system with two interchangeable lithium batteries with high capacity Snap-in/Snap-out, allows batteries to be loaded individually or at the same time, for a continuous wire use. The battery indicator with blue LED circular light allows you to always keep the charging level under control. A battery can then remain in office while the other is in use, to have a power and speed always guaranteed, customer after customer.
Our Skeleton Snapfx trimmer with the latest generation engine without wire has a robust metal structure. The long -lasting Brushless Highless engine offers a high and constant blade speed, also ideal for thick and thicker haircut. The Precision Lama a T 360 ° in Black DLC allows you to make uniform and precise cuts. Adjustable to zero gap.
Double Snapfx charging system with lithium batteries
Double SNAPFX charging system with 2 high -capacity lithium batteries with 3h complete charging for 2 hours of continuous wireless use and battery level indicator with circular LED light
Skeleton trimmer with adjustable zero gap and T blades in DLC
Brushless High-Torque engine for power and speeds that are always guaranteed
Ergonomic design and absolute balance with robust metal structure
Snap On/Snap Off System and with magnetic lid for easy cleaning of the blades
Oil and cleaning brush included
Mod. FX797E OR BAB149

Babyliss Pro 4 Artist Trimmer SNAPFX

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